Michael's todo list



  • Form widget overhaul, treat as replaced elements and use core textarea


  • If specified table height is greater than used height, share extra height over rows
  • Stacking, z-index

Core stuff

  • Status bar updates
  • Pointer image updates
  • Move input handling to content handlers
  • Debug window
  • Window showing all the errors encountered when loading a page

Web site

  • About team page. Add zamez info, new folk (porters, GSoC folk who stay)
  • Adverts section with banners, buttons and mag. ads.


  • Update homepage
  • Update download page
  • Update about NS page
  • Update screenshots page
  • Announce on user and dev MLs
  • Announce on csa.a, various RO software DB sites. ANS filebase thing.
  • There are various DBs of Linux software to get NS submitted to