Core Treeview

Updating the front-end to work with the Core Treeview changes. Largely complete, the following items are either low priority (?) or waiting for other changes such as the toolbar widget re-implementation.

This work is (at present) in the trunk.

Outstanding work

  • Should the font used in treeviews be configurable?

  • Textarea code should call the front end to render the caret. (Like the form code.)

  • Hotlist editing dialogues need to be reinstated, or all associated templates and code need to be removed.

  • URL Suggest Menu module may require re-implementation as a stand-alone entity which collects URLs entered directly into the address bar and Open URL dialogue, instead of relying on URLdb. Low priority?

Toolbar Update

Updating the toolbar implementation to break the component parts into stand-alone widgets. This will serve two main purposes: allowing some outstanding Core Treeview issues to be closed off cleanly, and allowing additional features to be added to the GUI without the risk of breaking the existing components.

This work is underway in /branches/stevef/toolbars.


  • Toolbar menus shade unsupported widgets, instead of hiding them.

  • Check and confirm the correct content types for ro_gui_url_bar_set_site_favicon() to accept from the core.

  • URL Completion needs to be migrated from the Window module towards the Toolbar / URL Bar modules.

Further improvements

  • "Unlimited" length URL field in URL Bar Widget.

  • Tab Bar Widget.

  • URL Suggest module could identify menu availability more efficiently.