• Use pointer hot spot data.
  • Can't press and hold a key to get auto-repeat. e.g. for delete.
  • local history scrolling does not work
  • url text input widget is not great
  • crash with x frontend with some wm
  • animated gif/internal font render funny
  • obscured widget ordering issue
  • Need a text cursor.
  • Use path plotter and LibSVGTiny.
  • Support page scaling.

nsfb wrinkles from RJEK

  • URL bar text size seems... overbearing.
  • Home toolbar button?
  • Local history thumbnails are all black
  • On-screen keyboard gets overwritten by content.
(It might be worth rethinking how this works. How about the keyboard taking up the whole screen with its own entry box, and then inserting that text when the user is finished? Android does it this way when screen space is tight, and it would eliminate the problem of having to scroll the content so the text area is visible with the keyboard open.)
  • You can't grab the scroll handle when it's really small (try HTML5.)
  • No dragging support means it isn't as nice to use as it could be on touch screens.
  • Form buttons don't work on the Joggler; strangeness on how the touch screen delivers the events?
  • When configuring the scroll bar size, the arrows become distorted. Perhaps draw them using the drawing commands, rather than using images?
  • At high-resolutions, the OSK's key bevels are so small in comparison to the keys they're essentially invisible.
  • Pressing the arrow keys on the OSK to scroll causes the newly-redrawn document to obliterate the keyboard.
  • When loading a page, the arrow adds an hourglass. If you do not move the mouse after this, the hourglass remains until you do. (Repaint the pointer when the throbber stops?)
  • The stop/refresh buttons don't grey out when unneeded. (ie, the stop button isn't needed when the throbber isn't going, and the refresh button isn't needed when it is. Some browsers combine them to save space, ie the button is a stop button when loading, and a refresh button when not.)
  • No caret drawing.
  • Lots of libnsfb/fbtk debug output; have this runtime selectable?
  • Can FreeType be auto-detected and used if available at build time? Our Makefile.config stuff would still allow this to be turned off should the user want it.
  • Mouse input becomes laggy/follows movement some time after the real movement, when loading occurs. Is there any way to prioritise mouse inputs, or drop pending movement when a new movement event comes in?
  • Aesthetic only: Can we get anti-aliased line drawing on the local history window? :)
  • Go to Wikipedia. Scroll down using the wheel so the logo and logotext in the top left corner is no longer visible. Slowly scroll up only enough to get to the top of the document again. Scroll up once more, and note the logotext change position. (It moves up a couple of pixels.)