Releasing a new version of NetSurf and libraries

First the libraries and tool sources must be created (only if they need an update) and then the browser itself.

Release the buildsystem

The buildsystem must be released first.

The buildsystem follows exactly the same process as releasing any other component except there is an additional step.

Because this is the buildsystem and provides the makefiles for all the other source builds you must go to the CI server and ensure the source-buildsystem job has successfully run and produced output in

Release libnspsl

The public suffix list library should be updated for each release after the buildsystem.

Delete the public_suffix_list.dat file and run make, this will cause a fresh copy to be downloaded and converted. You will need the correct perl modules installed for this step (at least debian package libidna-punycode-perl).

The release process is then the same as any other module using the core buildsystem.

Release libutf8proc

May have to update to upstream unless upstream have added a pkg-config file

The release process is largely similar otherwise.

Other core buildsystem based libraries

libraries using the core buildsystem all useing the same release process.

The libraries to release in order:

  • libwapcaplet
  • libnslog
  • libnsutils
  • libparserutils
  • libcss
  • libhubbub
  • libdom
  • libnsbmp
  • libnsgif
  • librosprite
  • libsvgtiny
  • nsgenbind
  • libnsfb
  • libpencil
  • librufl

Releasing NetSurf

NetSurf itself does not use the core buildsystem and has its own release process

Releasing the all source

The all source release process should then be followed.


The netsurf release version must be marked as released in mantis and the next development version added if its not already present.