This page lists the main goals for NetSurf 3.5.


ensure no library updates please, this is a fixup release because 3.4 is a bit of a lemon


  • it's probably worth checking if the root certificates need an update
  • check library is noisy if missing
  • need to fix build without libutf8proc
  • fix build without libcurl (for local only and non standard http fetchers)


  • need to go on a docs rampage as everything is a bit out of date or missing references



  • themes integration causes segfault at start with installed versions due to resource changes
    • gutted GTK application themes, now rely on GTK theming --vince
  • openBSD report issues with tests?


  • system etc. merges have bad dates - master branch has a script to fix this on install - verify results are ok
    • Done: I asked Dave Higton to verify this, and all was well. --tlsa
  • bundled resource updates
  • any critical bugs?


  • 3.4 shipped broken
    • needs pile of fixes already applied to HEAD
  • New compiler, needs testing and checking new binaries are correct
    • have all the libraries been re-built with the new toolchain?
      • Yes. --tlsa
    • chrisy assures us it is all good --vince
  • should we be doing something with os3 release yet?
    • probably not, it's still beta quality


  • need to sort out binary stripping.


  • nasty crashes on redraw due to unexpected core locking
  • the Windows version has never worked on Windows 10 . nasty issues in font splitting
    • This front end has never been a release candidate. I suggest we don't expend effort on this for 3.5 unless a Windows maintainer steps up. --tlsa
    • mostly work again so possible preview release candidate


  • completely non functional - crashes badly


  • Linux framebuffer surface input still broken


  • no feedback on if either version build properly on CI