This page contains ideas for adding a disk cache and improving browsing history.


  • Faster page loading using a disk cache
  • Navigating local or global history will show page exactly as it was
  • Groundwork for exciting future features like :-
  • "This page has changed since your last visit 3 minutes ago!"
  • Offline browsing
  • Go back to the past
  • Highlight new text / diff
  • ???


  • Each retrieved resource is assigned an id (could just be an incrementing counter) (so the id refers to a URL at a particular time and as the result of a particular GET or POST)
  • Almost everything refers to those ids instead of URLs (pages with objects, local history, global history)
  • Disk caching can be switched on or off (for devices without storage, private mode, etc.)
  • Disk cache stores headers, data, various metadata, ids of objects it uses
  • Memory cache remains (but modified to be like disk cache)