Goals for NetSurf

 1. Complete jmb/newcache
 2. Fix favicons, godsdamnit
 3. Refactor initialisation to unthread it slightly
    -- Make ParserUtils build aliases in, and refactor Hubbub and thus netsurf to not pass it in.
 4. Plan the 2.5 release -- RM=vince
  -- RISC OS, Gtk/Linux (Ubuntu/Debian packages?), Framebuffer?, Amiga (if Chris is ready).
  -- Bug François about BeOS/Haiku port
  -- Check libraries and prepare releases for them
 5. Consider renaming /my_?realloc/i
 6. Plan the abstract IO streams thingy

If we have time for the following, we've not done the above properly:

Examine use of libxml tree thingy and see if we can magically replace them with lwc_string
  -- If we can, hubbub string interning is worth doing at this time.

Bring hubbub up to html5 again