• Michael Drake
  • Vincent Sanders
  • Daniel Silverstone


  • John-Mark Bell
  • Chris Young


  • Use libnsfb as a backing tool for SVG, thumbnailing, and Canvas rendering?
  • Revisit old bugs on the tracker and close down stuff which is definitely not happening.
  • Update CI to turn on santizers for builds on supported platforms.
  • Update CI to ensure DEBUG level nslog stuff is compiled in for CI builds.
  • Toolchain patches need examining. Consider if we can build with a more modern OS for Atari. Sadly we missed this one


Bug Triage


  • Added sanitize as a target to the top level makefiles in the buildsystem.
    • Usage: make VARIANT=debug clean; make VARIANT=debug sanitize
    • If you subsequently want the sanitize-enabled library installed do: make VARIANT=debug install
    • NOTE: If you do that, you'll need to always run the sanitize targets for any rdepends.
  • Spotted a bug in the libwapcaplet test suite, fixed that.
  • Added sanitize target to the main NetSurf makefiles including nice config overrides. For main docs, see Makefile.config.example but failing that you can run the test suite in sanitizer mode with: make sanitize
  • Made it so that CI builds of NetSurf set the libnslog compile-in level to DEBUG
  • Make sanitizer changes to libsvgtiny, libnsbmp, libnsgif etc.
  • Made a bunch of changes to libdom to clean up, it's still not sanitize clean sadly.


Vincent Sanders

  • Added sanitizer targets for some libraries, but....
  • Spent quite a while fettling the CI workers so that they will, erm, CI work.
  • Triaged bunch of line-breaking related bugs on the tracker


We revisited the decisions made in January and decided they're all good so we're not changing them for now.

Next time

We have chosen the next developer weekend to be November 2/3/4 2018. It shall be at Avon Road in Manchester