• Michael Drake
  • Vincent Sanders
  • Daniel Silverstone
  • John-Mark Bell


  • Chris Young


  • Form support in libdom
  • Layout stuff (but not text)
  • CSS Media Queries
  • Examine the state of Sven's branch
  • Consider merging Sprow's patches?
  • Moar JavaScript.
  • New Cookies RFC



  • Began creation of HTMLFormControlsCollection and RadioNodeList for libdom.
  • Reached a stopping point on that, asked jmb to review.
  • Daniel read a lot about forms


  • Helped John-Mark with #2534
  • Fixed layout crash #2561
  • Added LibNSLog support to LibCSS, currently on a branch.
  • Fixed some warnings in the framebuffer frontend


  • Fixed/Triaged a number of issues: #2580 #2586 #2579 #2570 #2566 #2534
  • Closed #1907
  • These covered such things as:
    • Reviewing and merging the SpriteExt change
    • rsvg colour conversion
    • jpeg CMYK and YCCK colourspace conversions
    • Memory leak in the cache.
    • Bison-related insanity in nsgenbind
    • Fixed issue with clicking back on newly minted browser windows.
  • Also flex-related warning fix in libnslog
  • RuFL logging enablement and verbosity
  • Also closed #2266

Vincent Sanders

  • Much work on libnspdf
  • CI
  • Discussion of Omnibox.


We revisited the decisions made in September and decided they're all good so we're not changing them for now.

Next time

We have chosen the next developer weekend to be 21/22 April. It shall be at Males Close.