To be held afternoon of 3rd to afternoon of 5th


Anyone interested in contributing to NetSurf, we generally have small discussion times and a great deal of hacking time. Previous events have crammed in excess of 20 hours working time into the weekend.

You must confirm your attendance no later than the 2nd of January 2014 so i can update the security list. We cannot offer travel sponsorship to the event and free accommodation is limited (and basic).

Currently confirmed are

  • Vincent Sanders
  • Michael Drake
  • Daniel Silverstone
  • Rob Kendrick
  • John Mark-Bell


At the Collabora Cambridge offices: Kett house Station Road Cambridge



This venue has easy access from the railway station and is a twenty minute walk from the city cenre where national express coaches stop. Nearest airport is Stanstead and the railway provides good links.

Vincent has arranged to have accommodation for two people. More might be accommodated if they do not mind sleeping bags on the floor. Vincent also has a car and will be designated driver.


List of ideas to consider and/or work on, if they've not already been addressed:

  • Forms to use LibDOM
  • New layout engine discussion
  • State of JS discussion
  • More LibCSS work (style interning & sharing)
  • Release process was a mad rush for 3.0
    • Do we need to sort anything out?
    • Non RISC OS platforms still haven't had a 3.0 release on our site.
    • Sort out the autobuilder generating releases
  • Can LibDOM be optimised?
  • Hubbub is years behind spec, and causing real bugs.
  • media and GStreamer 1.0 integration
  • libjpeg turbo
  • haru pdf integration
  • printing
  • Any other 3.1 blockers?
  • Urgent bugs?